"Natural English" using 21st century technology

The natural process of learning a second language can be the same as learning a first language. We start by listening to our native language and what is being said around us; This creates a process of understanding from which we begin to express ourselves through spoken language. Only on this basis does the study of written language skills begin: reading and writing.

Following these natural steps, LINGO.UNIVERSITY Online English Academy makes learning fun and our courses are designed to prepare students to communicate confidently in English. Our method can help prepare students for future study or work in an international context. We offer courses for three categories of students with different levels: English for children (pre A1-B2), English for adults (A1-C1) and English for business (A1-C1).

Evolution of the study with interactive books from Cambridge and Pearson and tests from Lingo.University

The technological world is changing at an incredible speed. We, in turn, change our thinking, knowledge and perception of the world. The evolution in the technological process opens new opportunities and new horizons. We follow the evolutionary process and use the most advanced technologies to teach English to our students with interactive books from the University of Cambridge and Pearson, and our interactive tests.

At LINGO.UNIVERSITY, we have prepared everything our students need, not only in class, but also for practice outside of class. It is not necessary to show books or notebooks to teachers with tasks and exercises, we have specifically selected the program that It allows the teacher to see and verify all of our students' work at any time.

Integration of students from all over the world in the educational process with online classes from Lingo.University

The digital world is developing rapidly, and right now most schools, universities and digital platforms around the world are developing in the use of advanced technology for the integration of students in the educational process. We offer our students the opportunity to learn English using advanced technology to attend live online classes with native English teachers from Europe and North America and with peers from around the world.

In our individual classes and our mini-groups of 4-5 students it is easier for a student to adapt and open up in communication with a native teacher and her classmates from different cities and countries. With us, students will discover the desire to learn English, thus opening new horizons and opportunities to grant their desires. It is great that now internet technologies allow us to expand limits and borders and can easily transport us to another country or another continent.

We choose the world's best publishers for our students - Cambridge and Pearson.

Learning English opens doors to new opportunities! Lingo.University, together with the world's best publishers - Cambridge and Pearson, will help our students realize their potential. Our interactive tests and interactive English books and certificates from Cambridge and Pearson provide focus and speed to keep students motivated at every stage of their learning.

Lingo.University, in collaboration with Cambridge and Pearson, offers training aimed at the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), the standard used throughout the world to assess language ability. Using international learning standards, we prepare our students for Cambridge and Pearson English qualifications with course materials designed to make learning enjoyable and effective.

At Lingo.University we use learning systems recognized and valued around the world

Cambridge and Pearson English language qualifications are recognized by thousands of universities, employers and governments around the world. They rely on these qualifications as a safe and reliable test of English language proficiency. Examination topics and tasks are designed to reinforce students' knowledge and have a positive impact on teaching and learning. Qualification is a sign of excellence and opens doors to further education and employment opportunities.

Cambridge Assessment English and Pearson English Assessment have developed the wide range of teaching materials we use for our students today, based on research into how students learn best, so that our students can improve their English in the online classroom and beyond. We also strive to support students in their learning journey by providing activities and tips that students can easily use at home, in the office or anywhere.

LINGO.UNIVERSITY prepares students for future studies or jobs in an international context

Our online English academy LINGO.UNIVERSITY makes learning natural and fun, and our courses are designed with Cambridge and Pearson materials to prepare students to communicate confidently in English. Our method can help prepare students for future studies or jobs in an international context. We offer courses for three categories of students with different levels:

1. English for children: Starters (Kids pre A1), Movers (Kids A1), Flyers (Kids A2), Advanced (Kids A2+/B1), Advanced Plus (Kids B1+), Proficiency (Kids B2).

2. English for adults: Beginner (Adults A1), Preliminary (Adults A2), Intermediate (Adults B1), Advanced (Adults B2), Advanced Plus (Adults B2+), Proficiency (Adults C1).

3. Business English: Beginner (Business A1), Preliminary (Business A2), Intermediate (Business A2+), Vantage (Business B1), Vantage Plus (Business B1+), Advanced (Business B2), Advanced Plus (Business B2+), Proficiency (Business C1).

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