Live online English classes anytime, anywhere.

Distance is no longer a barrier, using new technologies, we can now give our students the keys that will open the doors to a world of communication and make their future dreams come true. Choose today this opportunity to immerse yourself in this language of international communication.

Simply log in from the comfort of your home to attend classes with native teachers. And since our classes (and all our materials) are accessible from your computer, laptop, tablets and even smartphones - you can learn wherever you want and whenever you want.


LINGO.UNIVERSITY is available to children from many different countries.

We not only strive to teach knowledge and a love of the English language for your children, our desire is to create joint lessons with children from different countries of the world. Creating an environment where children from different countries can communicate with each other in English, no matter what native language they speak.

Giving children the opportunity to communicate with other children from different countries will awaken an interest and love for the English language, and the desire to master it. In this environment children can surprise us - exceeding our expectations and developing their talents in communication.


More time for speaking English in class.

We offer individual and group classes with a maximum of 5 students, to practice oral language more. Our desire to communicate fuels our interest in learning our native language. This same motivation is what we transmit in our classes, communication must be interesting.

Our students can communicate with their peers and business colleagues in other countries through learning the English language. The importance of communication in English is undeniable in an increasingly interconnected and global world.


We teach our students to be independent learners.

We live in a digital world, we are used to using technology all the time, both inside and outside of school, university or office. Now offer our students the opportunity to learn English, using this technology, to be able to attend live classes and interactive materials.

Our live online classes and all our interactive materials are accessible from your computer, laptop, tablets and even smartphones. We teach our students how to practice English every day, regardless of classes through interactive books and tests.